A and E Quality Shih Tzus

We have added this software application to our website so that we may provide you with the opportunity to support Animal Rescue while you quickly and easily turn pictures of your puppy, your other pets, and even the whole family into

Prints, Posters, Collage Prints, Magnets, Mural Tiles,

T-shirts, T=shirt Calendars, Mugs,

Enlargements and Photo books

or Note Cards and other Keepsakes
Key ring

This is not a “me too” photo software application, but a very powerful and
simple-to-use photo application that shows you books, calendars, mugs and many other gifts with your own photographic images on them.

It is surprisingly easy, blindingly fast, and extremely fun to use this software application for creating and delivering amazing photo books, prints, and photo gifts.

If you do not feel "artistic", there is an "Instant Layout" feature that will provide a professionally designed product for you almost instantly. And while you are enjoying yourself, you are assisting Shih Tzu Rescue as well as other Animal Rescue Efforts.

All purchased products are delivered directly to the address you specify, so you may send them as gifts to friends or family.

There are dozens of "Theme" backgrounds from Birth thru Weddings, as well as graphics you can add to the project.

If you begin a project and do not have the time to finish, your project may be saved to your computer for completion at the next opportunity.

There are no membership or login processes.

The products you make are of a very high quality. All of these items are either manufactured or imaged in "state-of-the-art" facilities in the USA.

Just a couple of quick tips.
The first time you use this site, there is a small application that will need to be installed on your computer. It comes complete with an Uninstall feature so you can remove it whenever you wish. This software is virus and malware free.

It takes 30-90 seconds for the software to initialize on our site, please be patient.

After you click a function in the software, it may take a few seconds to see the change.

Usage tips are on the left portion of the screen in the software. The action buttons are on all portions of the screen.

Any Credit card transactions are handled in a encrypted, safe, and secure manner.

If there are questions about your order, you may call Customer Service at Tel: (866) 934-9514 for the Photo Gifting application

If you like this application, please tell your friends and family.

Animal Rescue is very important.


Thank you for your time, and please use our website to satisfy your needs for professional quality photographic products and to be part of the "Greater Good" of Animal Rescue to the benefit of all of us.


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